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Everything in science depends on what one calls an aperçu, on becoming aware of what is at the bottom of the phenomena. Such becoming aware is infinitely fertile – Goethe

R e f l e c t i o n s

Making a Better World for our Great Grandchildren by 
Serving the Spirit of Leadership Arising in all of us

Bruce Wayne McLellan helps leaders to arouse and activate their higher purpose so that they may unravel the most perplexing problems of our lives, our businesses and our world.

Hi, I'm Bruce Wayne McLellan. I'm a personal leadership coach.  I've spent the last 12 years working on this.  My "blazing aspiration" is to help make a better world for our great grandchildren by serving the spirit of leadership arising in all of us. Said another way, I help people to bring out the best of who they truly are and to discover and engage their higher purpose.  I also help people to take a more active role in their lives and in their personal development by inspiring them to become leaders of themselves. It’s only then that we can lead others. Sometimes those people are CEOs of multinational companies, entrepreneurs or artists and sometimes they are regular folks, who are only in charge of themselves or their family.