​Bruce Wayne McLellan



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By integrating knowledge gleaned from a wide variety of subjects, by looking for the best in people and situations, and by challenging our basic assumptions; I personify an inspiring and versatile catalyst for personal and organizational transformation; instinctively innovating unconventional solutions designed to improve our lives, our businesses, and our society.

Bruce Wayne McLellan

Leadership Coach

"The Mindful Leader Coach"

Founder Aperçu Coaching

​​Bruce is an author, speaker and personal leadership coach who has 12 combined years experience in executive, business, and life coaching. He has 40 years experience as a meditation practitioner and teacher. Also, Bruce is a technologist, composer, musician and artist. His burning aspiration is to help make a better world for our great-grandchildren by serving the spirit of leadership arising in all of us. Bruce helps business and organizational leaders  to arouse and animate their higher purpose so that they may be inspired to unravel the most perplexing problems of our lives, our businesses, and our world. He has a passion for enlivening and implementing spiritual principles inside of organizations.

He is a certified coach and a certified DiSC® and ISPI™ (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®) practitioner. He holds a Bachelors in Science from the University of Maine.

Bruce loves spending time in the great outdoors and fulfilled a lifelong dream of summiting a world-class mountain by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa in 2010. In 2014, he published his first book, Poetry in the Nature of Things: Songs from the Great Wilderness. His next book, KNOW-LOVE-LEAD: The Journey to Conscious Leadership, is due out by second quarter of 2017.

He lives in upstate New York with his wife Sandra Jean. Sandy and Bruce share a large extended family which includes 8 beautiful grandchildren.